Spirit Work  

Bone Divination


       w/ Rannie Rodil 

 Everyone has ancestors, and  a team of spirit guides. I truly believe that the reason many of us suffer from anxiety, depression, and other unknown physical illnesses is the fact that we have lost touch with our spirituality.  During a reading I use my gift of clairaudience along with the sacred bones to help pinpoint areas in which change, assistance, and/or healing is needed. With the help of my spirit guides, elemental guides, & ancestors I’m able to connect with your guides and ancestors to gather insight specific to your needs. Whether you need assistance with spiritual issues or guidance with life in general, we are here to bring light to areas in your life that need more clarity. Every divination is different, but as a healer my goal is to help strengthen your connection to your guides and ancestors, so that you may learn practical ways to heal and enhance your spiritual and emotional health.
Because of the nature of how I read, I only do sessions of 1 hour (sometimes we’ll go a little over), but never less. My current rate for a 1 hour session is  $100  via Zoom or Facetime. I accept credit card payments via PayPal.
If you are interested in having a reading, please message me in the form below.

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