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Cig Neutron & Rannie Rodil. SFX. Fabrication. Artistic Creators.
Professional Weirdos. Now working on our wacky movie,
Bizarro Au GoGo!


Support Us on Patreon

We are taking our creative ideas to the next level and working on a wild film! If you would like to support us and our art, please show us some love on Patreon and gain access to exclusive sfx tutorials, wacky videos, crazy creature photo sets, magick recipes, and more!

Etsy Shop

Sculptures, cigaratts, masks, talismans, anting-anting, candles, and other magical handcrafted items made by Cig Neutron & Rannie Augogo.

Wacky videos, our paranormal experience, magick classes, live streams, and select bts videos. (For bonus content check out our Patreon.

Check out our free live twitch streams where we apply sfx makeups, make props, sculpt, and more!

Getting weird on TikTok

Lots of weird videos featuring our wacky Bizarro Au GoGo characters. Sometimes you'll catch an interesting creature shootin' the shit live.

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